Free and Confidential Women's Center

We believe every woman has the right to quality pregnancy services, so all our services are free and confidential. We are ready to give you the information and help you need. Contact us and set up an appointment today.

Pregnancy Testing

Are you wondering if the results of your over-the-counter pregnancy test are correct? Rather than buy a gazillion tests, come to Life Options Clinic for free and confidential pregnancy testing. Our peer advocates will walk you through the process so you can trust your results are accurate.

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Before making a big decision, it's crucial to have as much information as possible. You need an ultrasound to tell you the location of your pregnancy, how far along you are, and if it's viable (growing). Don't skip this important step. Schedule an appointment for your free ultrasound.

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Education & Resources

We all need help now and then. At Life Options Clinic, we want to be as helpful as possible. As a result, we provide various educational opportunities and resources to assist you. Resources In addition to our free and confidential pregnancy services, we can refer you to various community services. Here’s a sampling of the

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Post-Abortion Support

For some, their abortion experience was quick and easy. But others live daily with regret, shame, anger, and depression. If you struggle with past abortion emotions, know there is healing and hope for a brighter future. We offer one-on-one and group support opportunities. Please find out how we can help you.

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STI Testing

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise. Because so many don't have immediate symptoms, many people don't think to get tested. If left untreated, STIs can lead to more serious diseases such as infertility, organ damage, certain types of cancer, or death. It's essential to get checked regularly.

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