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The Daddy Impact

You’ve just been told your partner is pregnant.  What emotions and thoughts are running through your mind right now?   “I’m too young to be a dad!”  “I can’t financially or emotionally support my partner or a new baby.”  “How do we tell our parents and friends about this?”  All of these thoughts, these questions, are

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What is an “LMP” and why Does it Matter?

What is an LMP and why does it matter? “LMP” means “last menstrual period.”  When you are making an appointment with any medical office to see if you can get confirmation of a pregnancy, you will generally be asked about your LMP.  If you know the starting date of your LMP, it can help the office

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Why Make an Appointment at Life Options Clinic? What Are My Options?

Why Make an Appointment at Life Options Clinic?  What Are My Options? Facing a new pregnancy … whether unplanned or even a planned pregnancy, can be a time of uncertainty, and even fear.  You may be feeling overwhelmed and even alone.  We want you to know, you are not alone.  We know it can be

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